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Flooded forest

Fellow Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officer Raelene Neilson recently journeyed to Brazil and Argentina with some colleagues. Sounds like a great time was had. Here are a couple of Raelene’s wonderful images from the trip.

The Amazon River. Photo Raelene Neilson.

Photo Raelene Neilson.  

The Amazon

Black water, white sandy beaches, lush green jungle forests with tall emergents of fruiting kapok trees.

Early morning birding explorations in canoes listening to strange and wonderful birdsong with the low rumble of distant howler monkey calls in the background.

Quietly floating through the flooded forests disturbed by loud splashes beside the canoe from green iguanas dropping out of the trees above.

Silhouettes of colourful toucans in the bare branches of dead trees.

Glimpses of movement through the forest — brown capuchin monkeys darting from tree to tree.

The occasional swoosh of air through water close by the canoe — pink river dolphins fishing for orange-bellied piranha.

A truly wonderful experience.

Raelene Neilson


Photo Raelene Neilson. 

Wild jaguars, Pantanal wetlands. Photo Raelene Neilson.