Cryptic dragon

A Southern Angle-headed Dragon (Hipsilures spinipes), photographed at the Goomburra section of Main Range National Park.

Southern Angle-headed Dragon, Main Range National Park.

The Southern Angle-headed Dragon is found in sub-tropical rainforests in south-eastern Queensland north to the Gympie area and in northern New South Wales. This small, well-camouflaged reptile likes to perch on the trunks of trees where light penetrates to the forest floor, such as at edges of creeks and tracks. Southern Angle-headed Dragons eat insects and arthropods, such as centipedes and spiders. In December, females lay up to seven eggs in shallow nests in clearings, and there is evidence of communal nesting. Photo R. Ashdown.

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4 thoughts on “Cryptic dragon

  1. John Kooistra

    Beautiful image. Looks like it’s posing just for you! Can’t remember ever having seen one of these before. Will have to keep an eye out!

  2. Jane

    I’ve never seen one of these before. What a great lizard it is. I must keep my eyes peeled for them next time. I am often on Main Range National Park. Excellent photo!


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