Dragon on the edge

What’s this reptile peering warily from behind a eucalypt in a small bush reserve on the outskirts of Brisbane?

Dragon peering

A species of reptile that is very difficult to spot while on foot, as they are adept at moving to the opposite side of a tree to avoid detection by passing humans and other monsters. Photo R. Ashdown.


Frilled-neck Lizard

It’s a Frilled Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii), in a reserve on the outskirts of Brisbane. Here seen as spotted from inside a car. While still abundant across the northern parts of its range, Australia’s largest, and most recognisable lizard has all but vanished from its old haunts around Brisbane, mainly due to feral predators and habitat loss. Not to be confused with Bearded Dragons, still seen throughout the suburbs. Photo R. Ashdown.

Steve and Harry – dragon searchers.


2 thoughts on “Dragon on the edge

  1. Lisa Walshe

    Thanks Bob, great blog and great photos. As a child growing up on the Gold Coast near the beach we had a Frill Neck Lizard as a back yard pet! At my school in Southport they were very common, shedding their skins on our play equipment and respected by everyone. Sad to hear they are now so rare!

    We now live in Cleveland, Bayside Brisbane, and I am happy to say we have recently managed to attract a resident Water Dragon, we have a big pond and we are on the water so we enjoy watching the daily routine of swim, sunning and catching the flies from the chooks. Much to our surprise the chooks get on really well with her/him ( I think it is a female, and I saw one huge male in the front yard one day so I am hoping it is the beginning of something beautiful?) and the Dragon spends much of her day in their enclosure with the chooks! I hope if she does lay eggs in the spring she lays them out of their reach! We have been most impressed with the Dragon’s growth since I first spotted her around the pond about May she was tiny! Now she is most impressive and pretty unfazed by our coming and going!

    1. Robert Ashdown Post author

      Hey Lisa, thanks for the comments. Water Dragons are superb aren't they? I used to like watching them at Southbank, as they sat in the sun on concrete walls on the edge of the gardens serenely observing (or ignoring) humans walking and flying past on bicycles. Don't think many people noticed them. All the best, Rob.


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