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  1. Jan Smith

    Thanks for subscribing me onto your blog Rob, your photos are just superb. I have had a look at the Wildlife Australia Magazine and just love your tracks and trails photos. Keep up the wonderful work. Love it all.

  2. Sheryl HELLEN


    Your blog is truly amazing ! And the travel you do and your patience are also amazing. Thanks for transporting me into the world of nature…

  3. Kathy Julian

    I've just come across your blog recently so I've got a lot to catch up on. Your wonderful wildlife images will help to to ID some of the local wildlife. You are no way an amateur photographer – you're a professional!

  4. Jemma Darlington

    Hi Rob,
    I’ve been brought to your blogsite by the article you wrote for the Autumn edition of Queensland Wildlife News.
    I wish to thank you for your dedication to sharing your observations and photographs (and those of other kindred spirits). I myself am a fledgling naturalist (at what point does one go from nature appreciator and observer to ‘naturalist’? a fine line and a personal choice???) and photographer, and I am truly inspired by your blog posts (i havent ventured to your photography site yet!).

    I have recently made the move from the coast to the western downs region and am lucky to be living, creating and working in the ‘bush’. What a blessing it is to spend ones days amoungst the elements! I feel a similar connection viewing your site.

    You have found yourself a new ‘follower’ in me. I particularly loved your post about the sea birds which turned up in Toowoomba after weather events at the start of the year, very interesting!

    Looking forward to your next adventures


  5. Margaret

    Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. For what I have had time to see so far, i am very impressed and am looking forward to see more of your stunning photography.


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