Reclaimed by time

Some photos from the Ebor-Guy Fawkes Cemetery in New South Wales, and Goodger State School, near Kingaroy in Queensland.


Bellingen Jan 2016-046

Bellingen Jan 2016-038

Bellingen Jan 2016-039

Bellingen Jan 2016-042

Bellingen Jan 2016-043

Goodger State School (1)

Goodger State School (3)

Goodger State School (13)


Goodger State School (11)


2 thoughts on “Reclaimed by time

  1. Jane

    I find old cemeteries really interesting. I visited Ebor Falls/Guy Fawkes National Park once but never thought to check out the cemetery there. I think that is the first wooden grave fencing and headstone I’ve seen (apart from crosses of course.) The colours of it are beautiful. You’ve taken a great set of shots again, Rob. I particularly like the last shot. Along with the flowers it’s a reminder of the life we still find in places that are memorials for the dead.


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