The diverting history of an earless dragon

An article published in the Summer 2015 edition of Wildlife Australia features words by Rod Hobson and images by Rob Ashdown.

  • The article can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.2MB).
  • An earlier blog post on the taxonomy of Grassland Earless Dragons can be read here.

1 thought on “The diverting history of an earless dragon

  1. Jane

    Great information and pics! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for this lizard when I am visiting relatives on farms out that way. Isn’t it interesting how a species can be well known to local people for many years but not actually described by scientists as a new species? That’s where I think citizen science projects on social media are great. When people share pics of flora and fauna they see, it gives researchers the opportunity to make more discoveries. 🙂


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