Personality-plus birds

Some more great images by guest photographer Mike Peisley.

Torresian Crows

These images were all taken in and around the wetlands and coastal areas of the Brisbane bayside areas of Boondall and Shorncliffe. Mike’s patience, observation skills and technical prowess have seen him capture images overflowing with the subjects’ personality.

3 thoughts on “Personality-plus birds

  1. Rod Hobson


    I have had the great privlege of having been able to see many of these images as they've come to hand. Robert shares an office with me. From the first instance I've been very impressed by your photographic skills and commitment. You have managed to capture the ethos of many of your subjects; the head-on shot of the Australian White Ibis is a bobbydazzler. Love it. I know many people who have spent a fortune on the most up-to-date photographic gear and have been plugging away at bird photography for years and are still producing crap. You either have It or you don't. You've got It, Mike.

    Rod Hobson

    1. Mike Peisley


      Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t realise that you have seen some of my images before.

      One of the things this hobby has taught me is to have patience. Waiting beside the track in the shade of a tree seems to spark the curiosity of some birds who will come closer to check me out. Strangely I never get bored, even without getting a picture, and find it very relaxing. I am glad you enjoyed the images.

      Mike Peisley

  2. Judi Gray

    These photos are fabulous and very entertaining, the image of the "crow" feeding its young is chilling – it seems to be looking right through the viewer! The Ibis is hillarious – what a great shot! So many beautiful little birds, captured so well. The kingfisher is so clear and elegant. Thankyou for sharing them.


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